Different Races React Differently To Alcohol

I thought there was no such thing as race?

REPORT: Compared with no alcohol consumption, sensible levels of drinking have correlated with better heart health. However, a new analysis has revealed that a cardioprotective link from moderate drinking is not the same for people of African ancestry as it is for white ethnicity, and nor across the sexes…

For males, the lowest risk of mortality was:

For white men, linked to having 1-2 drinks on 3-7 days a week
For black men, found in those who never drank.
Moderate drinking was protective for females similarly – for white, but not for black women:

The lowest risk of mortality was among white women consuming one drink on 3-7 days a week
But among black women, the lowest death rates were among those having one drink on 2 or fewer days a week.

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