Obama’s Gonna Make LA Real Estate More Valuable

From my live cam chat:

ChaimAmalek:  I need some Monica today
KevinRuddsky:  In what form?
ChaimAmalek:  Any will do.  Some is better than none; more is better than less
ChaimAmalek:  Like any Jewish man, I adore the tall, beautiful shiksas
KevinRuddsky:  What form of Monica is the highest and thus the holiest?
ChaimAmalek:  She looks like she’d make a good Christian mother
ChaimAmalek:  The sort of woman Moses David and other alpha Jews have long favored to marry
KevinRuddsky:  What are alpha Jews?
ChaimAmalek:  Like Steven Spielberg and Louis B. Mayer
ChaimAmalek:  TopJews
ChaimAmalek:  Gedolim
ChaimAmalek:  Machers
KevinRuddsky:  Ahh………..
ChaimAmalek:  not bloggers
KevinRuddsky:  I see.
ChaimAmalek:  Luke, you need a black friend
ChaimAmalek:  Has a black person ever been in this chat room?
ChaimAmalek:  That must change.
ChaimAmalek:  Quotas are coming back, you know.
ChaimAmalek:  Never mind heff – this is the age of Obama
ChaimAmalek:  Luke needs a hot black sidekick in here
ChaimAmalek:  Someone who looks like Pam Grier
ChaimAmalek:  Luke, Obama is going to make LA real estate lots more valuable, especially in the Jewish areas like yours
ChaimAmalek:  You should start marketing your ability to find real estate deals to Israelis.
User guest5 left the room.
ChaimAmalek:  Land for Jews – they aren’t making any more of it
KevinRuddsky:  That works……
KevinRuddsky:  Luke, where is your Pam Grier?
KevinRuddsky:  Maybe his Pam Grier could inherit his beard.
ChaimAmalek:  Really, LA is one of the "refuge cities" Israelis will go to after Iran has nuked them out of existence.
ChaimAmalek:  Unfortunately, the Palestinians will follow them all the way to the Santa Monica Pier
KevinRuddsky:  If he gets a side kick, what happens with his beard?
ChaimAmalek:  What to do?  Get a Monica and a shvart – um, black person to be your friend.
ChaimAmalek:  You could sell it as a package deal to the astute jew: land in LA PLUS an african american friend.
ChaimAmalek:  I’m rockin’ my Obama button
YourMoralLeader:  Girls say yes to guys who say Obama
ChaimAmalek:  White girls like white boys who vote for down-low black men
ChaimAmalek:  I wish I were black.
ChaimAmalek:  Then I’d be getting all the hot white women
ChaimAmalek:  Sure, they get old after time, but didn’t OJ teach us how to handle that situation?

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