Ivanka Trump Converting To Judaism

Thank you Ivanka! You’re going to help our gene pool.

From Jossip:

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are finally getting married! Well, once Ivanka converts over to Judaism, which is standard practice for becoming a big name in the media world. Kushner owns the Observer and Ivanka is a Trump, so this wedding should be featured prominently in the Sunday Fashion & Style section of The New York Times.

But not if their Rabbi has anything to say about it.

As we reported in 2001, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein of Congregation Kehillath Jeshurun on East 85th led his flock to boycott the Times over "biased and unfair coverage" of Israel and the Mideast, and got 1,000 subscribers to bail.

I remember hearing Rabbi Steven Weil of Beth Jacob lambasting the Los Angeles Times as a "filthy rag" in 2001. That’s ludicrous. Like the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, it’s a gentle newspaper with a generally high ethical standard.

I’ve been examining dozens of photos of Ivanka to try to tease out her religious beliefs. It seems that tzniut is not among said beliefs. But perhaps I need to see more to make a definite psak.

Has Ivanka had plastic surgery or is she just naturally gorgeous?

Darrah Ford emails:

She has had plastic surgery.  The implants are obvious.  One is higher than the other.

She’s the tamer version of Paris Hilton.  Sex, shopping, and parties.  She claims she "works" but she works for her father.   She is vice president of real estate development at the Trump Organization.    She turns 27 tomorrow.  Now what 27-year-old WOMAN gets a job as VP working for Donald Trump or for any billionaire?  Even if Donald Trump was sleeping with a random 27-year-old, no way would she ever be named VP of any of his companies.  She might end up as the assistant to his secretary.

And when does VP Ivanka ever work?  She always out partying, traveling the world, and shopping.  Doesn’t seem to be enough time to actually have a real job, now does it.  She got her job because of her father, she got into college because of her father, she got her apartment because of her father, and she got on the tv show "The Apprentice" because of her father.    I read there was a lot of tension on set of that show because the people who actually work for a living didn’t appreciate a trust-fund brat telling them how to run things and shelling out business advice from someone who got a job from her father.

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