If I Were A Black Gentile, How Would I Feel About Jews?

If I were a typical college-educated black non-Jewish American male, I suspect I’d have some contradictory and ambivalent feelings about Jews.

On the one hand, I’d admire them for their high average intelligence, their industriousness and persistence, their success, their tight family structure, their communal bonding, their effective lobbying and influence peddling, their wealth and prestige and dominance of the media. On the other hand, I’d probably resent them for the same reasons and I would be attracted to explanations for black failure that blamed non-blacks.

I would like to concentrate on things where blacks surpassed every other group, including Jews, such as the size of our sexual organs, our charisma, our artistic, athletic, improvisational and rhetorical abilities. I would view blacks as the center of the world.

I would support black movements that effectively instilled black pride, hard work, education, and solid families. Wow, maybe I’d even be all about some black form of Islam.

I would hate rap music and those who profited from it. I would hate those who trafficked in negative black stereotypes and pushed the worst of black culture. In other words, I’d have some negative feelings about certain Jews in entertainment.

I would want to kill drug dealers and those who preyed on the vulnerabilities of blacks.

The more I learned about how Jews helped form black civil rights organizations and funded schools for black kids, I would feel some gratitude, but likely I would feel even more resentment towards Jews. When a high-achieving group keeps subsidizing your low-achieving group, you quickly grow to hate the big shots. I suspect I would develop a hair-trigger apprehension for when I felt Jews were talking down to me because they think I’m less intelligent than them. If I sensed I really was, on average, less intelligent than Ashkenazi Jews, I would resent that. I would be attracted to conspiracy theories. I’d be attracted to explanations that Jews only help blacks because they see it as in the Jewish interest to weaken whitey.

If I were a black college-educated proud black man, I would be careful about saying anything negative about Jews for fear it would hurt my career. I would keep a smiling face for whitey but my group loyalties would probably go to blacks.

If most of my interactions with Jews were positive, I’d likely be philo-semitic. If I saw it as in my personal interest to be Jew-friendly, I would be Jew-friendly. If I had Jewish friends, I’d be more likely to be positively disposed towards Jews. But if most of my interactions with Jews were negative, I’d likely have negative views of Jews.

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