Understanding #Gamergate: Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and the Social Justice Warriors

From Amazon.com: The Gamergate controversy began with a blog post about the infidelities of game developer Zoe Quinn. The post caused quite a stir at Reddit and 4chan’s gaming communities because Quinn’s affairs were with figures in the gaming press. The commotion generated by the story escalated to the point that it caught the attention of the mainstream media. However, the gaming press initially chose to ignore it. Even today they pretend that Gamergate, arguably gaming’s biggest story of 2014, doesn’t exist.
What is Gamergate and why is it scorned by the gaming press? Who is Anita Sarkeesian and why does she have so many supporters in the gaming press? Who are the SJWs and how did they infiltrate the gaming press? This book attempts to answer these questions.

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