The First Energy Supplement That Works

My greatest struggle over the past 20 years has been with fatigue.

After spending 1988 in the dark about my problem, I eventually got a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Though it has waxed and waned in intensity (it was particularly intense from 1988-1994), it has never left me.

Therefore, I’m a sucker for anything that promises energy.

Out of everything I’ve tried, I’ve found acunpuncture the most helpful. I currently get it twice a week.

Studying Alexander Technique has also helped me dramatically.

Concurrent with these two therapies, I’ve been taking the monthly subscription supplements from for about three months. It’s the first energy supplement that has consistently worked for me.

A friend emails: "Luke, I think you wrote that you take supplements from FRS. I would suggest avoiding those. The drinks contain a substance called sucralose. I ordered some free samples from FRS about 1 year ago and was surprised when I saw that some of the products contain refined sugar which is also very unhealthy as it causes a build up of acid in the body and prevents oxygen from entering cells. I was confused because I saw Lance Armstrong was associated with the product but I felt really bad after using the samples I was sent."

A dietician friend tells me: "The ingredients that I could obtain from the site said green tea extract, so it does have caffeine in it. So it’s basically a caffeinated drink, which produces a fake energy. The best way to get energy is from real fuel, a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts, or a smoothie with fruit and unsweetened soymilk and some plain yogurt. Please be careful with this drink, I do not recommend it, I do not want it to affect your heart rate, with long-term use, excess caffeine can be toxic. Also, drink lots of water."

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