Who is Today’s Gadol Hador?

The Guardian of Israel never slumbers nor sleeps.

Chaim Amalek: The Eye is ever watchful. There is concern here that never sleeps. When Moshiach comes, “American Idol” will be changed to “Who is Today’s Gadol Hador?”

* A BT Jewess asked me what Jewish blogs she should read. I suggested DavidDuke.com.

Chaim Amalek: The better answer: “Forget about blogs. Find yourself a decent man NOW and marry him and start making babies. Save your worries about politics for when they are grown and you are past menopause.”

* I’m still amazed by all the fat black women on Craigslist running ads asking for tall rich white men to drop whatever they are doing to serve them.

Chaim Amalek: “If I were to date these days, likely it would have to be a fat black woman asking for a short poor white man to rub her feet after a hard day on the job.”

* Secretary Sheila complains: “It’s hot in here!”
Luke: “Should I leave?”

* Nothing good comes from trying to help someone named “Ngwaba.”

Susan Williams That is so racist..
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Susan Williams I lived in Africa and connect immediately with black Africans..speak their language…..understand their body language etc.
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Luke Ford We gave Africa trillions and for what?
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Susan Williams Infrastructure
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Susan Williams Help end aparteid
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Lilian D’Or Ngwaba owns the Nigerian bank that will give you magic money if you give them your routing number and cash their checks.

* A young blonde Asian girl just walked by in a short boxy dress and thick black glasses. My mind boggles. Oy, the Shiksa Menace 2.0. L-rd, send Moshiach now!

Chaim Amalek No matter what they do, every one of them really has plain, flat, black hair. Not much diversity there!

Lilian D’Or Blonde Asian girl? The hair must be deep fried from bleaching.

Luke Ford And the brain. She had this blank look on her face when I asked her out.

Lilian D’Or Blank? Maybe her whole life flashed before her eyes when you asked her out.

* I notice Jewish parents piling unbelievable and often unreachable expectations on their kids. Jews place a higher value on socio-economic success. WASPs are the one group who don’t try to live through their kids. My parents never played any role in deciding where I went to college, if I did my homework, what my profession would be, etc. And look how I turned out!

* “I can’t keep you busy. You’re too powerful. You’re too dynamic.” (Friend)

* The Rebbetzin says: I have a Shiduduch for you
She’s tall. blond, share your views, I like her a lot myself
Difficult to type with two kids hanging from your arms
ann coulter
willing to convert
And both you and David Duke will agree that she LOVES Jews
She will for you
She’s willing to overlook your slight imperfection GTG

* I was trying to reassure a worried Jewish dad of a 17yo that his son is just acting like I was at that age and with God’s help, his son will turn out just like me.

Raș Yahnațan Nazír I smell the makings of a tv documentary titled Luke Christ: Hollywood Meshiach

Susan Williams I smell the locked ward at the local….

Raș Yahnațan Nazír That’ll be the end of season one.

* When the White Nationalists take over, I would like to believe that millions of Jews will risk their lives to hide blacks, Mexicans and gays.

* My friend is heading out on his first tefillin date. His face is red, his hands are clammy and his breathing is shallow. I want to give him some avuncular advice such as, “Don’t forget you’re a Ford, son, lech lecha” or “Keep the image of the Chofetz Chaim at the forefront of your mind at all times and you won’t go wrong” or “Never forget the purity of your mother’s love for you.”

Mat: Levi bin Avraham, can you start talking about frum wife-swapping? I have a morbid facination centered around people who are outwardly “religous” but literally transgress the worst sins of the religion they advertise they believe in.

Luke: They are called the 612 Club and they run the world.

* My gemara class in the one part of my life that is too x-rated to put online. One day we were learning about inter-species love when a mother and her teen daughters walked in and sat down. The rabbi was put in a bind.

Chaim Amalek: The Talmud is NOT for goyim, women, or small animals.

* If I tell a male friend that a woman we just met is gorgeous, am I trying to get him to arrange a shiduch for me with her? My WASP reserve claims I was just sharing my feelings spontaneously. I don’t think I’ve tried to arrange a shiduch that way for myself since junior high when the girls wore LipSmacker. I feel very shy about asking anyone to set me up. As a WASP, we’re raised to date Biblical style by taking a woman in a field, bopping her with the Complete Works of Shakespeare, dragging her by her hair to your cave and effecting goyisha kiddushin.

Lil: Just ask her out directly. You’re a strong alpha male, you can do it without having anyone set you up. In the future, I will be sent as a messenger to the women at shul saying “there is a nice man here who is wondering if you would like to go out for coffee sometime”. I’ll just be sure to talk to the women that Luke points me towards (and not give his number to the age appropriate ones by accident.

* Sigh, I’m going to be helpless before your beauty and you will lose all respect for me. Sigh.

* This Jewess is giving me nothing but tsures. She promises “on the grave of Jesus” that she’ll come through for me this week. “Fine,” I said, “if you don’t deliver, my Nazi friends will be knocking on your door.” Every Jew needs Nazi friends he can sic on other Jews who give him tsures.

* What will happen when whites become a minority? Is that when the WN moment will happen? Or will nothing happen? I say, we either end up like Brazil or go full monty WN.

* Jewess says: “It already feels like Brazil here. Hardly a day goes by where people aren’t screaming outside of my apartment building. it gets worse when it gets warm outside.” In times like these, a girl needs a guy with a powerful blog to keep her safe.

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