The Jew Moves The World


This poster on the bus is a statement from the Lubavitcher Rebbe: “The Gentile doesn’t want anything. He waits to be told what the Jew wants!”

This point of view does not bother me. Every group with spirit sees itself as the center of the world. Japan is the land of the rising sun because traditionally the Japanese have believed that the sun rises first on Japan and then goes to the rest of the world. The Chinese have long believed that China is the center of the world.

I believe there is much truth to what the Rebbe says here. It does often seem that many goyim are passive creatures waiting to be told by a Jew (be it Jesus or Paul or Marx or Freud or Krauthammer) what to believe.

Mondoweiss does not like this bus ad. Nor does the Israel Apartheid page.

We often hear in the media about the evils of white supremacy but we don’t often hear about the evils of Japanese supremacy and Chinese supremacy and Jewish supremacy and Muslim supremacy and black supremacy. From my perspective, I see no evil in any group regarding itself as the master race.

Many a secular Jew has a picture in his home of Hasidic Jews dancing. Why don’t Hasidic Jews have pictures in their home of secular Jews dancing? Because we associate happiness much more with the insular Hasidic group than the open secular group of Jews. Insularity tends to breed happiness and a distinct sense of who you are while openness and pluralism tend to breed dislocation and lower social capital.

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