The Beauty Of Cohesion

Imagine if instead of pushing for multi-culturalism, Jews instead talked to the world about the beauty of ethnic solidarity! Imagine if Jews preached what traditional Jews practice! Instead of pushing multi-culturalism for the goy and pursuing solidarity for themselves, Jews could then live, practice and preach the same thing — the joys of community based on kinship. They could then unabashedly pursue an Israel for Jews and encourage Europe to pursue a Europe for Europeans and the Japanese to pursue their own interests. I see this as win-win-win. Nationalism for everyone.

P.R. Stephenson, who took over the Australia First movement in 1942, declared:

It is well known that there are many Jews who are good citizens, honest and cultured, despite the reputation of the generality of their kind of being financially “tricky”, unscrupulous, and parasitical. That there are intellectual and sensitive Jews is also as well-known as that there are many “Flash Yids” who degrade and debase public culture. No case can be made against Jews generally, except … that their insistence on racial self-segregation is anti-social, considered from the point of view of the community as a whole. We cannot concede to them in Australia a right which, if conceded in perpetuity to other types of immigrant … would lead to the sectionalizing of the community and its disunification. … The remedy is that the Jewish Race should abolish itself, by becoming absorbed in the common stream of mankind. [Otherwise] we others, who are so strictly excluded from the Jewish community, have at least a reciprocal right to exclude them from ours.

Well, what if Jewish self-segregation could be seen as a good thing for society? That if Jews stayed within the Torah Corral they could embody for their nation host as a whole the benefits of group unity and living by God’s laws as well as man’s?

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