The Abolition Of White Australia

I reject the notion that the goy is but a flaccid puppet of the Jews. If WASP Australian leaders opened the borders, that is on them, not on the Jews. Ditto in the US and across Europe.

WASPS destroyed America, to the extent that America has been destroyed as a coherent cohesive country, since the decisions to destroy America were theirs to make.

Few of the key players in opening up American immigration to non-whites were Jews. Not Ted Kennedy nor LBJ nor Earl Warren nor Speaker McCormack. I don’t care who was cheering them on. The decisions, constitutionally speaking, were theirs to make.

If I tell a thousand goyim to worship me and then jump off a bridge and they do, am I to blame that they do as I tell them, or are they to blame for being stupid?

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for this type of complaint: “That Jew told me to suck that rabid dog’s cock and when I did, it bit me, so the Jew is to blame.”

Journalist Paul Kelly writes that the abolition of the White Australia Policy was “a reform that pretended to be no reform… The reason is manifest: any declaration that White Australia was being abolished would have provoked a public outcry. The issue was never put to the people…. The White Australia policy was dismantled by stealth.”

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