Belgium Cafe Sign Says: ‘No Jews Allowed’

I see nothing wrong with goyim having their own cafes. Why should they not enjoy their coffee without any kvetchy Jews around, just as Jews should be allowed to have cafes with “No Goyim Allowed” signs and cafes with “No Muslims Allowed” and shuls could have drinking fountains and toilets for “Ashkenazim only” etc. Freedom of association is a good thing. Vive la difference!

I have goyim friends who feel uncomfortable when they set foot in kosher stores and cafes. They feel like they are not wanted and they may well be right.

Friend: “Your point is irrelevant, Luke. They call for a destruction of an entire state. There is a Palestinian flag on the window next to the sign? Jews don’t have Israeli flags next to “no entry for Arabs,” which by the way, I’ve never come across something like it in a Jewish cafe.”

If you were an Arab, you would be calling for the destruction of an entire state as well. Different groups have different interests. Most Israelis would like Palestinians to disappear, we just don’t advertise that in our cafes. Muslims shouldn’t be blamed for acting in their group interests. Our real opponents are those multi-culturalists who let them into Europe. If you walked into your bedroom and found it full of deadly snakes, would you primarily hate the snakes or the persons who put them there?

Chaim Amalek: “If a man lets other men shit down his throat and has the means to make them stop, are we to empathize with him when he complains that he’s got a bad taste in his throat?”


A Belgian watchdog on anti-Semitism complained to the mayor of a suburb of Liege against owners of a cafe whose window display featured a sign that said Jews were not allowed inside.
The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, or LBCA, filed the complaint Wednesday against the parties responsible for hanging a Turkish- and French-language sign at a cafe in Saint-Nicolas, a town located just east of the southern city of Liege.
The Turkish text reads: “Dogs are allowed in this establishment but Jews are not under any circumstances.” The French text replaces “Jews” with “Zionists.”
Following the LBCA complaint, the mayor of Saint-Nicolas, Jacques Heleven, dispatched police to the cafe, who had the sign removed and confirmed the LBCA report.
The window display also included a Palestinian flag, an Israeli flag crossed out with a red “X” sign, and a kaffieh, or Palestinian shawl, draped around it.

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