Nazism Vs Judaism

In many ways, Nazism and Judaism are opposites (Judaism posits God and a God-given universal moral code), but in some ways, they mirror each other, such as in their advocacy of ethnic unity, nationalism, particularism, and transcendent purpose.

Humanity won’t thrive without over-arching goals. People are happiest when they are part of a homogeneous community. Our current conventional wisdom of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism is a recipe for disaster. Israel is an ethno-state. The United States used to be an ethno-state when it was 80-90% white. Australia was developed for its first 70 years as a white nation. Japan is 99% Japanese and is a successful ethno-state that has little use for outsiders, particularly blacks and Muslims, the two groups most difficult for first world countries to assimilate.

Jewish organizations advocate mass immigration into the West but now Jews are waking up to this disaster.

A friend says:

If I were you, I would run with this and self-publish a pamphlet on this idea. “Judaism and Nazism: Healing the Divide”; or, “Together at Last”; or “Hitler or HaShem: One Jew’s Comparison”.

One difference is that under Jewish rule, the number of outsiders – Palestinian Arabs – has exploded, whereas under Nazi rule, the number of Jews collapsed.

I think you need to begin presenting these arguments in public forums. Pick sympathetic ones at first, eg., an Orthodox shul on Sunday. “A Special Shiur for Jews and Goyim”

Brett Stevens writes:

Hitler could be viewed as a philosopher or artist who chose statecraft as his medium. He advanced many ideas, but the biggest were these:

Equality is suicide. The quest to make everyone equal is not only mathematical nonsense, but leads to a complete breakdown of social order. Men and women need different roles, as do different castes in society, and we all benefit when the best are on top.
Internationalism is a failure. Internationalism is the same idea as multiculturalism and diversity: that we can form nations from arbitrary groups. Hitler thought nations needed an identity made from culture and race, and that the “proposition nation” united by ideology and economics was a farce controlled by commercial and oligarchic interests.
People need more than self-interest. Liberalism wants us to aim for “happiness” through enlightened self-interest, but in reality happiness is not found through the self but through discovering how the individual can affect something larger than itself, even if only through participation.
Humanity needs a quest. The idea of humanity as many individuals content to be comfortable is a modern invention. In reality, people need a goal that makes them accept their sufferings and ignore them because they feel that these are trade-offs in order to work toward something better.

While I find his methods abhorrent, and consider Holocaust I to be one of the worst moments of humanity, the fact is that Hitler’s goals are near realization through the hands of his enemies. Thanks to liberalism, Europe and the USA have obliterated themselves financially in pursuit of the egalitarian dream. Although Hitler’s goal was not destruction of worldwide Jewry — he originally planned to relocate them to Madagascar — in Europe and the USA, “diversity” means that many groups who co-exist hate each other as part of their DNA, and so Jews are under attack and now are not protected by the liberal media establishment. Most will simply outbreed and raise their children as atheists, anglicize (or more likely, translate to Spanish) their names and forget any Jewish past. The Jewish people will be obliterated. Already the fruits of diversity have become visible even to a bunch of latent Reds like the BBC:

Ronald S Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, told the commemoration: “Jews are targeted in Europe once again because they are Jews…

“Once again young Jewish boys are afraid to wear yarmulkes [skullcaps] on the streets of Paris, Budapest, London and even Berlin.”

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