Nazism vs Judaism

In many ways, Nazism and Judaism are opposites (Judaism posits God and a God-given universal moral code), but in some ways, they mirror each other, such as in their advocacy of ethnic unity, nationalism, particularism, and transcendent purpose.

Humanity won’t thrive without over-arching goals. People are happiest when they are part of a homogeneous community.
A friend says:

If I were you, I would run with this and self-publish a pamphlet on this idea. “Judaism and Nazism: Healing the Divide”; or, “Together at Last”; or “Hitler or HaShem: One Jew’s Comparison”.

One difference is that under Jewish rule, the number of outsiders – Palestinian Arabs – has exploded, whereas under Nazi rule, the number of Jews collapsed.

I think you need to begin presenting these arguments in public forums. Pick sympathetic ones at first, eg., an Orthodox shul on Sunday. “A Special Shiur for Jews and Goyim”

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