The Dancing Asian Girl

This shy 17yo Jewish kid is dating an Asian girl and it’s upsetting for him. She wants to go to parties where people drink smoke pot and he doesn’t like that. The police broke up the party for noise… One day she wants to kiss him, the next day she doesn’t. She’s all Gentile and all Hollywood and it’s confusing for him. She likes to dance with different guys and he doesn’t enjoy watching that. She loves male attention.

* I wonder how many women lose their virginity to a doctor at a routine check up (not through monkey business)? Is there mourning or what after this? Some women aren’t capable of the marital deed without going to a doctor and getting a little adjustment down there.

Surely there should be some sort of ritual to memorialize this event?

What’s it like losing your virginity to a machine in a doctor’s office? Where’s the romance? Where’s the love? Where’s the holiness? Does the doctor call you later?

Hey lesbos, what counts as losing your virginity for a lesbian?

* A friend complains that all the IQ tests online promoting themselves as free are scams. I told her it is an IQ test to find the legit ones.

* So this 25 yo blonde Jewess tells me she doesn’t trust Richard Lynn’s data.

* If I were on a jury, and one side was Middle Eastern, I’d be prejudiced to think that this person was not telling the truth.

* The idea of keeping somebody waiting causes me great anxiety (a result of my WASP upbringing, I think) but I notice that many people around me love doing it because it makes them feel powerful.

Chaim Amalek: “Bill Clinton was well known to keep others waiting, but not as an expression of power. Rather, he often had other business to attend to.”

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