What happened ‘when the world became white’

So white people saved these Ethiopians and transported them to a first world country, Israel, which then accepted them as Jews despite their complete absence of DNA. Israel took in about 100,000 Ethiopians with an average IQ of 70. It doesn’t sound like this Ethiopian woman has much gratitude for the whites who saved her. She’s picked up the language of victimization and seems adept at using it to serve her own ends.

A friend says: “Maybe she should go to a country where black people are in charge.”

ARTICLE: Speaking from her home in Rishon Lezion, Betolin-Sherman, a graduate of Ben Gurion University’s prestigious MFA program where she studied under Etgar Keret and others, began the drama of her family’s exodus from Ethiopia by painting the faintest sketch of their circumstances, noting that she was one of five children and that she and her parents immigrated to Israel in 1984 and then saying, vezehu. And that’s it…

The fiction begins with arrival. “When the world became white,” she writes in the title story, “the streets filled with people and there were sidewalks, and the roads were paved with asphalt instead of ash and sand. And we saw cars and hardly any animals. And pale women strode past in shorts, and men ate standing up, and discarded plastic bags drifted by instead of sand, and the air was permeated by the stench of gasoline instead of the buzzing of flies.”

…Betolin-Sherman, who is married to a Russian-born orthopedics resident and is a mother of two, said there have always been more and less privileged groups in Israeli society – among Ashkenazim and between Ashkenazim and Sephardim. “They finished with one group, let’s say those from Arab lands, and now there is someone new. So I don’t feel it is particularly against us. We were next in line. Now it is us. Each time someone comes this happens.”

Often, she said, Israelis are oblivious to the racist language they use. “You are a beautiful Ethiopian,” is a compliment she has received frequently. “Why am I not just beautiful?” she asked.

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