NYT: Owners of Patriots and Seahawks Are a Study in Contrasts

The New York Times does not mention that these two owners have very different ethnic backgrounds and they each fit squarely within their own genetic tradition. WASPs tend to be circumspect, Jews tend to be voluble. Paul Allen comes from a long line of WASPs, Robert Kraft from a long line of Jews.

It used to be common sense that if you looked at somebody’s ancestors, you had a pretty good idea of the person’s capabilities and proclivities.

A hundred years ago, WASPs ruled the world. Today Jews probably have more influence than any other group.


GLENDALE, Ariz. — Amid the frenzy of Super Bowl media day on Tuesday, as thousands of reporters and cameras surrounded the New England Patriots coaches and players, the dapper owner of the team, Robert K. Kraft, held his own impromptu news conference.

A day earlier, he had taken the unusual step of publicly demanding an apology from the N.F.L. if his team was absolved of deflating footballs at the A.F.C. championship game. For about 15 minutes, Kraft shared the spotlight with his players and coaches, eager to say more as dozens of reporters pushed and shoved to hear him speak.

When the Seattle Seahawks entered the arena an hour later, Paul G. Allen was nowhere to be seen. Though he has owned the Seahawks for 18 years, Allen gives few interviews and fans rarely see him outside of the sidelines before a game or at an occasional pep rally.

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