This movie ripped me up inside. Growing up in foster care for most of my first five years, I’m susceptible to cults and charismatic father figures.

I can’t recall a movie that was more painful for me to watch because I so identified with the Channing Tatum character (Mark Schultz) and I saw how he was going to bring misery to his family.

I kept saying to myself while watching the movie, “If I can just limit the damage I do to my family with my shenanigans.”

The movie also reminded me of vast swathes of fundamentalist religion and New Age cults where you can get love and support, but only if you sign on with an insane program and insane authority figures.

Wikipedia: “It is based on the true events surrounding John du Pont’s efforts in hiring the Schultz brothers to help train US wrestling and swimming Olympians, and du Pont’s subsequent murder of David Schultz.”

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