Many Women Love Their Pets & Their Kids & Their Phone More Than Their Men

So if a woman with cats met a guy she liked who was allergic to cats, would she choose the guy or her cats? A cat allergic friend of mine was passed over as a potential boyfriend so this Jewish woman could stick with her cats. This seems crazy to me. I may be wrong, but in my experience, Jewish women are more susceptible to this type of craziness. I had a GF who was frequently more attached to her dog (which she shared with an ex-boyfriend) than to me. Taking care of her dog frequently took precedence over taking care of me and I have immense needs (which is why she fled after a year).

I never want to attach myself to a woman who is going to put her pets and her kids before our relationship.

Beth: “I’d choose my cats. They were there first and when I got them it was a lifelong promise. Most “allergies” to cats are actually just dislike. And if the guy is actually severely allergic, he can get allergy shots. Rehoming a pet is difficult and usually ends with the animal being euthanized. A man who expects me to kill my pet for him isn’t worth my time.”

Brandy: “Cats. Sorry, they were there first and I made a forever promise to them.”

Lisa: “I’m with Beth. I know my dog will be here no matter what another human being does or does not do.”

Hes: “Her cats. I know this thanks to a friend of mine in this exact situation.”

Sara: “It’s not about liking cats or not. I like cats but allergic to some of them. Guy I’m currently dating has a cat I’m allergic to and its a problem and the reason why I rarely go to his place.”

Male friends of mine feel like their wives love their iPhones more than they love them. The wives certainly more attentive to their phones. I refuse to compete with an iPhone. If I am talking to someone who’s looking at her phone, I stop talking and I move on. I’ve left dates when this happened. It’s only happened on first dates.

I remember meeting one woman at Sinai Temple over Succoth. We went out for the first time and she kept jumping on her phone. I never wanted to date her again. She pursued me for years afterward, but I couldn’t take her seriously. I always had severe reservations about her from the disrespectful way she treated me on our first date.

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