The Good Lie

From comments to Steve Sailer:

Here’s a link to Reese’s other 2014 movie “The Good Lie”. It’s another super liberal movie from Reese, celebrating more liberal themes. I haven’t watched it and don’t intend to. I read it is making some awards lists and certainly it has all the ingredients that get movies on those lists.

The review in Rotten Tomatoes gives:

“They were known simply as “The Lost Boys.” Orphaned by the brutal Civil war in Sudan that began in 1983, these young victims traveled as many as a thousand miles on foot in search of safety. Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort would bring 3600 lost boys and girls to America.”

The movie is about 4 boys and “their struggle to adapt to America”. Of course, little will be mentioned of America’s struggle to adapt to 3600 kids, mostly boys, from the two of the most ungovernable tribes in the Sudan, possibly Africa. The two tribes these kids came from formed independent kid militias, uncontrolled by either side, and were some of the last groups fighting at the cease fire and after. So “Give us your tired, poor, stupid, ungovernable and assimilable masses”

Great. 3600 from the South Sudan during a civil war from 1985 to 2005.

The civil war in Sudan was an example of one group trying to impose a more strict law on another much like whites in America imposing the idea of empathy, cooperation, law, and order on another groups of blacks. The division is possibly one of the most obvious in the world, literally a place where two worlds meet, the Arab Sahara and the Black African south. The difference is quite obvious even looking at a map of the country, with desert in the north and green whatever in the south, the country containing both the “White” and the “Blue” Nile. These were the swell people who brought us Dafur and many, many other examples of multiculturalism prevailing over “tribal” and racial interests.

In 2011, a referendum for succession in the south voted 97% in favor. The pre-referendum period and the election itself were monitored by “oodles” of international groups and monitors. Jimmy Carter was involved. The array of ethnic and tribal groups in the south is enormous and the problems of forming any form of cohesive government that does not devolve into further succession is improbable. Other neighboring nations look askance at the succession of the south in fear that groups within those countries might follow the example.

Let’s hope these same “observers” are equally supportive in another area of the world where stark contrasts between racial and cultural groups, conflicts with no possibility of resolution, are becoming as divisive and as irreconcilable as any two groups in the world. And one of those groups is so hated by its culture and media that succession from that nation the only way to be fair to each group. I hope President Carter and Reese Witherspoon are equally vigorous in maintaining the right of an ethic group to divide from another once it becomes obvious that its interest is no longer served by continued national affiliation.

* Russell Brand is popular with women BECAUSE he sleeps with a lot of them. Thing is, women want guys who have proven (by sleeping with a lot of women) that he’s worth sleeping with. Contrast, women who sleep around are viewed as low class, not able to attract the undivided attention and devotion of an Alpha male who goes from sleeping with lots of women to only one.

The fantasy of women (just read the stuff like Fifty Shades of Bondage or whatever) is to “tame” an Alpha who can and does sleep with any woman into devotion to just one (her). Women are totally uninterested in men who are already willing to enter into monogamy, figuring the men are just not worth it.

Of course, the obesity epidemic allows this — as the market power of thin attractive women is marked amplified and the lack of need for beta male provision due to increased female earnings and the welfare state allows women their r-selected fantasies to play out in real life.

* Or much of the contents of the film and book could have just been made up. As we’ve seen with the UVA thing, women seem to enjoy making things up for social attention and emotional gratification.

Strayed apparently lied about major details such as the background of her father, who apparently is in reality a college grad who had middle class jobs like being a small businessman and a market analyst for a grocery chain rather than a mean steelworker as he’s portrayed in the book:

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