Donny Pauling has appeared on my blog a few times over the years. He is a pornographer who became interested in kabbalah and then quit porn and became a Christian pastor and an anti-porn crusader.

I’ve never met Donny in person. I interviewed him over the phone about eight years ago over his interest in Jewish mysticism.

We’re friends on Facebook and we got into some online discussions, including on sex addiction.

And now this:

Anti-pornography campaigner, Donny Pauling, has been arrested in California and charged with sexual relations with an underage girl.

Pauling was arrested earlier this month after a 16-year-old girl and her mother walked into the Sutter County, California, Sheriff’s Office and reported that Pauling had been having sexual relations with the girl since she was 13.

The alleged victim also told police that Pauling had sexual relations with a girl related to someone in the Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the girl had been living in the Pauling house. Moreover, the Sheriff’s Office said this was not the first time Pauling has been suspected of sex with underage girls. In 2010, he was investigated for having “inappropriate relationships with six other underage girls in Redding (California) but the case was never prosecuted.”

Pauling had spent years producing pornography, until he had a religious conversion, after which he became a much sought-after speaker about the pornography industry. He became a columnist at LifeSite News, a pro-life and pro-life family news site based in Canada.

Though most of his articles have been taken down, in a remaining LifeSite story Pauling described in great detail how he used to seduce women into acting in porn movies. One of his articles, now taken down, was about a woman named Mindy whom Pauling said he seduced into porn and who is now drug addicted and living on the margins of society. In the column, Pauling said he still hears from her and regrets his role in ruining her life.

Pauling told LifeSite that he became entranced by porn with the advent of the Internet and eventually started making his own porn, something that eventually cost him his marriage but netted him more than $50,000 during his first month as a full-time producer.

Eventually, Pauling, who was raised evangelical, came into contact with the XXXChurch that ministers to the porn industry. XXXChurch members attend porn conferences and help the girls set up their booths and do their make-up, all the while trying to coax them out of the porn life.

Earlier this year, Pauling was a featured speaker at the signature anti-porn conference sponsored by the group Morality in Media, where witnesses say Pauling wept as he recounted recruiting girls, many of whom he said he recruited for their underage looks.

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