What Would A White Nationalist Takeover Look Like In The US?

According to Wikipedia: “The deep state (Turkish: derin devlet) is alleged to be a group of influential anti-democratic coalitions within the Turkish political system, composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services (domestic and foreign), Turkish military, security, judiciary, and mafia.[1][2] The notion of deep state is similar to that of a “state within the state”. For those who believe in its existence, the political agenda of the deep state involves an allegiance to nationalism, corporatism, and state interests. Violence and other means of pressure have historically been employed in a largely covert manner to manipulate political and economic elites and ensure specific interests are met within the seemingly democratic framework of the political landscape.”

Suppose that the United States has a deep state and these white elites take over and run the country along nationalist lines. What would happen?

Perhaps things — and what I think might happen has no necessary relation to what I would like to see happen, my enumerating possibilities does not constitute my endorsing them — such as the following (based in large part on what happened in Nazi Germany prior to WWII):

* The practice of Islam will become a crime in the US and all Muslims will be removed from the mainland.

* Apartheid with blacks and coloreds limited to certain townships.

* Only white males who own property will be allowed to vote while orientals will hold most of the rights of whites.

* All Jews will have to register and their activities will be closely monitored to make sure their behavior aligns with the interests of a white America. They may be pushed to emigrate. They may be pushed out of many professions and universities.

* Blacks and latinos will be pushed to leave. Those with IQs under 100 will be sterilized.

* There will be a type of totalitarian state where working against white interests will be prohibited with penalties that include death.

* People in the United States illegally will face the death penalty.

* A big fence will go up along the southern border with Mexico and it will be armed with machine guns.

* Foreign policy would turn isolationist and law enforcement would racially profile.

* Affirmative action for blacks, latinos and women would diminish, perhaps replaced by affirmative action for white males.

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