Jewish Loyalties To The Gentile Nation-State

Chaim Amalek: “Nebech, such is the plight of the Jew who chooses to live outside of Eretz Yisroel, where he can be as nationalistic as he likes and know that it is the will of God that he be so.”

How much do Jews matter in the affairs of Europe? There are not enough to do much electorally, and they don’t have the influence over culture that they have had in the US (although this may be in decline).

And which Jews? Most of the Jews I’ve known are all fiercely loyal to America. In political terms, they were fiercely pro-USA. More than the goyim. They came here as immigrants at a time when it was damn hard to gain entry into the US, and they were always always thankful for that. And they are opposed to all of our open borders nonsense.

They never saw it as a choice between being a Jew and being a patriotic American, and were especially quick to criticize liberal hippy type jews.

From the vantage point of New York and Los Angeles, I see Jewish power in decline. It is like looking at what has historically been a successful baseball team and realizing that 1. the team is getting pretty old 2. the owner is cheap and 3. no one decent is coming up through the farm system.

Secular Yidden of the sort who have run American culture (TV, movies, publishing) are now long in the tooth, fewer and fewer in number, and set to be replace by a tidal wave of orthodox Jews who do not share their world liberal view.

Andrew Joyce writes Dec. 21, 2014: “Of all the accusations commonly leveled against a Jews as a group, perhaps the one they find most frightening is the accusation that they are disloyal, or aren’t ‘quite’ like the rest of us. Arguably, a large part of the Jewish evolutionary strategy consists of maintaining a pose, or pretence, to be fully in and of the nation and its people. In this context, accusations of disloyalty, or even gentle reminders that Jews have an unassimilated separate ‘identity,’ disturb the strategy in such a fundamental manner that the entire Jewish ‘game’ seems to be in jeopardy. Since the era of Jewish ‘emancipation,’ the pursuance and success of the strategy has been highly dependent on the rest of society granting Jews citizenship on equal terms, and failing to note that Jews have a different agenda and aren’t playing by the same rules. Jews therefore jealously censor discussion of their loyalty, citizenship, identity, and place within the nation.”

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