Random Murders Of Native English By Immigrants


Kriss Donald was murdered by five Pakistani invaders in 2004, at age 15 due to immigration.[13]

Christina Edkins was stabbed to death by a Black African invader in 2013, at age 16 due to immigration.[14]

Aaron Dugmore commited suicide at age 9 after racial bullying by Pakistani invaders in 2013.[15]

Charlene Downes was murdered and fed into a meat grinder by Jordanian invader at age 14 as a result of immigration.[16]

Ross Parker was murdered by cowardly Pakistani foreign invaders in 2001, at age 17 due to immigration.[17][18]

Mary-Ann Leneghan was raped, tortured and murdered by a gang of foreign invaders in 2005, at age 16.[19][20]

Danny O’Shea was murdered on his doorstep by Black African foreign invaders in 2011, at age 18 due to immigration.[21]

Ben Kinsella was murdered by Black African foreign invaders in 2008, at age 16 due to immigration.[22]

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