White Guy Murdered In St Louis

Steve Sailer writes: “The 32-year-old victim of mob violence had lived in the United States for the majority of his life, but the important thing is he’s Bosnian, not white. Please, nobody mention the W-word.”

Here are some choice comments to Steve Sailer’s blog:

* But the Bosnians know that the press won’t give favorable coverage to a White man killed by juveniles. The story would be forgotten soon. If they get anybody to believe the “anti-Bosnian” line, the memory of their friend can live on a bit longer.

A number of websites track anti-White race attacks and killings in the USA (here is one). I can think of no such incident that has ever gotten any real play the the prestige media.

How many Americans have heard of the “Zebra” (Black-on-White) racial murder spree? The total number of victims is said to have totaled 71. Seventy-one dead Whites in one city over two years, killed because of their race. Nobody remembers.

* “Police Chief Sam Dotson stated the attack was not racially or ethnically motivated”: how could he possibly know? Only God can be sure, and God doesn’t exist.

* This is a clear-cut case for hammer-control laws. There is no real reason for an average citizen to own a hammer these days, nobody does their own hammering anymore, it’s all done by licensed contractors.

* Police chief Dotson does his political job by getting up in front of the audience and trying to mislead them by being tricky with the truth. The victim wasn’t targeted for being Bosnian. Of course the perps are way too stupid to know what a Bosnian is, that’s a given. But he’s obviously a white guy. Dotson is not a mind reader so is not in a position to claim what the motives of the murderers were. The word “random” usually gets worked into the narrative. Just go home now and forget about it; let the ‘healing’ begin. Victims and their families are usually taken by surprise and disbelief and attest to the victims good-naturedness and lack of animus towards other people; they were good persons who would never harm anyone else for what they were. The media does it’s job by editing down all the statements taped, broadcasting the ones with the proper message.
People have to realize that being a good person is no shield against becoming a victim. Their skin is their uniform and that’s all that matters to the predators. That’s all that matters to the president also, apparently.

* At 1:15 AM, a group of 15 and 16 year old minority males are roaming the streets. That sure says a lot. The parents don’t bother to control their children at all. Are all the parents working the night shift so they don’t know their children are sneaking out at night? I doubt it.

Never discussed but sure stood out with the Zimmerman case: A black woman who appears to have a solid job lives in the community with her 12 year old son. She gets herself a boyfriend and he brings his juvenile delinquent son into the community for visits and they do not bother to control the son at all. Leave the juvenile delinquent with the 12 year old and they go out for the entire day and into the night. When they come back home, they don’t even notice the juvenile delinquent isn’t there because they don’t care, its not their responsibility.

I attended a service at a large mosque here in New Jersey about a month ago. The Imam who spoke that day addressed the attacks on the Muslim religion and how the congregation must feel hurt about the “Islamophobia” in the media. He told them that the way to deal with it was to be good people themselves, be the kind of neighbors others will want to have and especially look after your children, make sure they are the kind of children others will want to have around. No one will say that to blacks.

* Those who promote The Narrative like to pretend it sends only one message: “White people need to treat black people better.”

They don’t like to acknowledge that it also sends the message: “Black people are justified in committing violence against their oppressors.”

In the case of Quentin Tarantino, I think he’d smile to think Django may have caused whites to be beaten or killed.

* Whites may fear and loathe black thuggery but it also turns them on.
Esp female psychology works that way.
We saw in Ferguson how blacks smashed the stores of dotters.
The daughters of dotters will socially and ‘familialy’ sympathize with their fathers and brothers. But their fathers/brothers will also be the sight of weakness, helplessness, and lameness(as running astore is seen as pretty lame). Despite the looting and craziness by blacks on their stores, dotter daughters will soon return to shaking their booty to rap and cheering for thuggish negroes in sports.
Socially, they are appalled by Ferguson, but sexually they are turned on by black warrior genes(which is now sensationalized by sports, music, and entertainment).
Blacks smashed Jewish stores in the 60s, but Jews are wild about tough blacks in sports and music. Blacks smashed Korean stores in LA in the 90s but Koreans are imitative of all things black.
Blacks beat up Mexers, but Mexers ape negroes 24/7. Mexer gestures and talk are black-inflected.
In Ferguson, the dotters store was smashed. If he has sons and daughters, they will socially side with him but sexually and stylistically be wild about negroes.

* The Bosnian Muslim community in St. Louis is the largest one in the USA, with the overwhelming majority having settled there during and especially after the war. They are largely only cultural Muslims, with few radicals amongst them other than local American non-Bosnians like Ismail Royer who, having lived in St. Louis, became a convert, fought in the war in Bosnia and returned only to get arrested post 9/11 as part of that terrorist ‘paintball’ gang in Virginia, IIRC. The small number of radical Muslims from Bosnia have mainly settled in Austria, not in St. Louis nor anywhere else in the USA.

The community there numbers some 40,000-70,000, which is impressive as there are less than 2 million of them in Bosnia itself. My contacts in the St. Louis area inform me that they’ve helped clean up a few neighbourhoods that were victim of white flight (Americanized Germanic immigrants) by pushing out blacks that moved in after said white flight and that the community is held in high regard by non-blacks for having made the place much more livable.

* He never should have been driving in that part of town at that time of night. Derbyshire’s rules. Also, he shouldn’t have stopped or exited the vehicle. Step on the gas. If they don’t get out of the way, then that’s their problem. In this case the car should have been used as a weapon for self defense.

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