Are Jews Responsible For The Changes We Don’t Like?

Steve Sailer writes: “The assumption here that, unlike in Israel, Jewish men in America were highly respectful toward women is not upheld by studying industries they flourished in, such as Hollywood, pornography, or Las Vegas. For example, D.W. Griffith’s WASP Victorianism made him more open to working with women on a basis of respect, and more sensitive to the horrors of rape (most famously expressed in Griffith’s Birth of a Nation), than the moguls who came after him. ”

MQ comments: “American Jews flourished in many more industries than that — see medicine, science, and academia. And Jewish dominance of Hollywood begins in the 20s-30s, an era where movies were very respectful of women. You want a Jewish-dominated movie from that era, check out The Wizard of Oz. As usual, the mechanism of Jewish scapegoating is that whatever changes in national life the writer doesn’t like (the growth of pornography, gambling, or the cultural degradation of the movies) are attributed to the Jews, rather than recognizing that Jews reflected and participated in the culture around them as it changed. Jewish scapegoating is driven by an inability of Euro-American conservatives to understand the changes and pressures brought by modernity and a desire to place the blame for all of those changes on a traditional out-group. At the extreme, this portrays non-Jewish Euro-Americans as easily hypnotized sheep helplessly following a tiny machiavellian minority as it imposes its will on everyone else. This way of seeing the world has fallen into disrepute for good reason — not just the savagery and horrors of the Nazis, but because it just doesn’t make any sense.”

John: “It really can’t be disputed that Jewish American men treat their wives better than men of all other religions by orders of magnitude.”

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