Jewish Discrimination Against Christians

Steve Sailer writes:

Jews were even more ferocious discriminators than gentiles. “A Study of Religious Discrimination by Social Clubs” was published in 1962 by by the Anti-Defamation League of the B’Nai B’rith. The surveyed reported on 803 country clubs, of which 224 (28 percent) were open to Christians and Jews alike. (Probably most of these were founded by Christians.) Of the 505 clubs that considered themselves Christian, 89 (18 percent) let in some number of Jews. In contrast, of the 74 Jewish clubs, only three (four percent) let in any non-Jews. Sports Illustrated pointed out:

The ADL report concluded that although “the extent of discrimination against Jews by clubs is far greater than the levels of discrimination against Jews in other areas such as education, employment, housing and public accommodations,” the fact that a significant number of clubs “were ‘Jewish clubs’ that discriminate against Christians is eloquent testimony to the further institutionalization of religious prejudice. When, as and if Jewish community relations agencies conclude that the problem of the ‘Christian club’ merits their attention, they will inevitably have to cope with the other side of the coin—the ‘Jewish club.’”

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