Why Are So Many Hippies Jewish?

Khunrum emails: "As senior committee member let me put my two baht in. The reason there were so many Jewish Hippies, Jewish Bombers, Jewish Radicals…Jewish everything in the 60’s was because that’s where the fun was. Jews caught on early that short hair and a copy of the Nation Review under your arm was not going to get you any boom boom. Of course Jewish parents, at least in New York, were progressive types and their offspring kicked things up a few notches. Demonstrations were always fun and if you had long hair and a bit of ganja in your pouch there was always some boomsing after the rally. I never remember so called "dating" as it were. Nothing formal. Just show up at a friend’s apt and listen to Stones, Beatles, Jefferson Airplane..smoke some weed…..maybe order a pizza….. take it from there. Ah! the good old days. Birth control and no AIDs. Oh! Sweet Youth…where have you gone, I have to pay for everything I get now arrrggghhh!"

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