Dodgers Adjust Their Playoff Schedule To Cause Minimum Conflict With Yom Kippur

The Dodgers are playing early on Friday (3:30 p.m. PDT) and late on Saturday (6:30 p.m. PDT). Do you think the Dodgers would do this if there was not a sizable Jewish population in Los Angeles and in the media and in positions of power? So I guess Jewish numbers do count for moving baseball games but we’re not supposed to talk about Jewish numbers in banking and entertainment and media and academia because that might cause another Holocaust.

When I wrote on the porn industry, I noted pornographers such as AVN would adjust the schedule of porn conferences to accommodate Jewish holidays such as Passover.

Some of the principals of Guggenheim Partners, which own the Dodgers, are Jewish and they don’t want the games interfering with their tribal rites.

I can’t find one article in Google News mentioning the shift in the Dodgers schedule to accommodate Yom Kippur. Perhaps it is something the goyim should not notice.

Jews comprise about half of America’s leading opinion makers. Do you think the number of acceptable opinions you can hold publicly in America today is affected by these Jewish numbers? Of course. Jews in Hollywood affect the type of stories told and the way they are told and these stories are shaped by overwhelmingly secular Jewish interests. Jews are really good at telling stories so we tend to shape the narratives of the lands where we live in decent numbers. It is not irrational nor pathologic for non-Jews to occasionally resent this and to push back to retain their own racial, cultural, religious and national heritage.

To me, the successes and failures of any group are worthy of public examination and discussion. We can learn from that. Criticism and stigma is a good thing to aim at groups doing bad things. Jews are as worthy of examination as any other group. Jewish influence is as worthy a topic for discussion as Saudi Arabian influence and Chinese influence, etc. Jewish ethnic ties are as worthy of examination as Chinese ethnic ties and WASP ties and other old boy networks. When Jews dominate in a particular profession or community, that will create consequences, just as when blacks and Muslims and Latinos dominate in areas.


In 2006, blogger Noah Millman was surprised by a rabbi`s Purim sermon. Not by the message—Write your Congressman about Darfur!—but by the unusual explanation the rabbi offered: noblesse oblige.

“He compared the position of the Jewish community in America today with Queen Esther`s position in King Ahashuerus`s [Xerxes`s] Persia: that is to say, a position of power or, more precisely, profound influence on those who wield power. And, he said, that power implies responsibility.”

Millman noted:

“But you (or at least I) rarely hear a Jewish leader saying, in so many words, that Jews must act to prevent this or that injustice because we are powerful, and power implies responsibility.” [Gideon`s Blog, March 13, 2006]

Instead, Jewish leaders typically exhort Jews with one of three arguments, all based around feelings of communal self-pity. Millman enumerates them:

(1) “We Jews have suffered, so we should be acutely sensitive to others` suffering …;”

(2) “As God liberated the Jews from captivity in Egypt … we have a religious obligation as Jews to help the oppressed”;

(3) “Jews should be aware of our collective vulnerability, historical and continuing, and therefore for our own good always take the other side of the kinds of groups, movements and individuals who have victimized us in the past, and who could threaten us again in the future.”

And yet that plain fact is that in modern America, Jews are the biggest winner among ethnic groups. Although only two percent of the American population, Jews make up about 35 percent of the Forbes 400 wealthiest individuals. (That percentage is from after the financial bubble burst in 2007-2008, so it likely reflects a long-run baseline.)

By way of comparison, consider Italian-Americans, who arrived in America at roughly the same time as Jewish-Americans and tend to live in similar parts of the country. Today, Italians are fairly well represented in most aspects of American life: movie stars, the Democratic Speaker of the House, two Republican Supreme Court Justices, and so forth. Indeed, Italians make up 5.4 percent of the gentile members of the Forbes 400 and 5.7 percent of the gentile population. For Italian-Americans, on average, life isn`t bad.

Yet, Italians are only 1/30th as likely per capita as Jews to be billionaires.

Thirty to one is a big difference.

This ratio isn`t proof of conspiracy or even simple discrimination. It is merely proof of Disparate Impact. Federal law makes a very big deal out of Disparate Impact when it involves “Hispanic” ethnicity. If ethnic Hispanics are less than four-fifths as successful as white non-Hispanics, a longstanding EEOC regulation puts the burden of disproving discrimination on employers.

One-thirtieth is a lot smaller than four-fifths. Yet the law doesn`t mention any other kind of ethnicity than Hispanic.

You really can`t understand modern America without thinking about these sorts of numbers. But, do Americans really want to understand America?

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