NYT: A Rabbi’s Decision to Step Down Touches on Questions of Jewish Identity

Notice in this story that pondering what it means to be Jewish and organizing Jews and promoting Jewish interests is a wonderful thing, but if whites were to do this, they would not get such respectful treatment from the MSM.

“Leafy, affluent Park Slope embodies the challenge facing modern American Jewry: Though many Jews live there, few are observant. So it was no small feat when Rabbi Andy Bachman took the helm of Congregation Beth Elohim in the Brooklyn neighborhood eight years ago and began attracting a vibrant congregation of Jewish atheists and agnostics, as well as the more traditionally religious.”

Can you imagine such a story about whites? “Leafy, affluent Beverly Hills embodies the challenge facing modern American whites: Though many live there, few are racially conscious. So it was no small feat when John Smith took the helm of the local European Heritage club and began attracting a vibrant group of previously racially blind whites as well as the more traditionally conscious whites.”

I went to Google News and found 1370 results for “Jewish identity” (none of them negative) and over 536,000 results across the web. “White identity” produces 31 (none of them positive) and 150,000 results respectively.

As Steve Sailer points out, “Jewish guilt” means not being ethnocentric enough while “white guilt” means being too ethnocentric. In other words, as a Jew, you can’t be too ethnocentric but any white ethnocentrism is unacceptable.

“The Reform synagogue drew young literati like Jonathan Safran Foer and catapulted to national attention as a model for what might bring some of the nation’s millions of Jews who are unaffiliated with synagogues back to the fold.”

Can you imagine the New York Times praising an intellectual such as Jared Taylor for bringing whites back into the fold of their identity as white?

“Drawn by big-name book talks, family-oriented religious classes and the rabbi’s teaching that to be Jewish is to do good in the world, membership doubled to more than a thousand families.”

There’s no reason white organizations should not do similar things. The goyim (whites) have as much of a right and a reason to organize in their group interest as do Jews. I don’t spend much time thinking about white identity and white interests because I primarily identify as an Orthodox Jew and I primarily think about Jewish concerns, but anyone who wants to learn about white identity should read Jared Taylor’s book White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

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