Clerics Plead For Peace

The Los Angeles Times reports:

In the midst of horrific attacks that killed thousands and caused an exodus of Muslims from this African nation, clerics such as Nainangue reached across the sectarian divide to shelter those in danger and to preach reconciliation. Churches in remote towns threw open their doors to fleeing Muslims.

There was little open conflict between the faiths in the Central African Republic, where most people are Christians or animists, until a rebel coalition made up mostly of Muslims from the neglected and deeply impoverished northeast seized power last year. They unleashed a reign of terror; everyone suffered.

While for those people whose lives are saved, the clergy’s appeals are monumental, but in the end, either Islam or Christianity will win in Africa and the loser will be destroyed. In the end, it doesn’t matter much to plea for peace and to do kind things for outsiders. Life and evolution are ruthless. The fit will survive and losers will be wiped out. Currently in the world, Islam is winning and Christianity is losing.

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