Stop Embarrassing Yourself

Gadi Pickholz emails:


Even for the lowly standards of your blog, you seem to be digging new nadirs for yourself precisely erev rosh hashana.

You still do not begin to comprehend the chofetz chayim, nor the most basic responsiblities of any professional in any community. We all deal with the deepest, darkest secrets of one another as clients, colleagues and neighbors, and keep quiet about them. That is called earning someone’s trust. Particularly when discussing an 18 year old child.

Your self righteous ranting about being the harbinger of truth is nonsense, and even you must comprehend that fact. You are simply the shtetl yenta who cannot go another second without blurting out every secret she knows or she will burst. That is not journalism, even in a blog. And it certainly is not Judaism, even in the most distant corner of the diaspora, even for a convert who does not truly comprehend what we are all talking about save for the most superficial rituals.

And now you want to get even and blast "secrets" of others to "get even"? Petulent behavior, by any standard. But far sadder is the fact that you lack any secrets to tell– no one has, in fact, entrusted you with any confidences all these years, nor grown sufficiently intimate and vulnerable in any professional or personal capacity to warrant disclosing anything of note. So you revert to old public media about the Lowys? I realize you can;t read hebrew, but the Lowys had a full Knesset investigation this year. Do you think there is a Jew this side of Minyan on the Moon who does not already know all the Lowy’s dirty laundry from more media sources than anyone cares to count? Does a Jew exist who would care in the least, but has somehow not read all of this innuendo long before perusing your Blog from the Farthest Reaches of the Diaspora?

And what to make of your Pico Robertson blog now? How can you provide any information on a community that does not even permit you entry into any of its institutions? You are redefining the term Outsider in the extreme, and that is no compliment.

Choose Life.

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