Was This The First American Renaissance Conference Without A Jewish Speaker?

At the first American Renaissance conference (a gathering of white nationalists who did not appear bent on genocide) in 1994, there was kosher food and Rabbi Mayer Schiller, accompanied by many of his yeshiva students, spoke. As the years have gone by, there’s always been at least one Jewish speaker at the conference. This year’s meeting was April 26 and 27, and I don’t think any of these speakers were Jewish (though I am sure some of the 150-person crowd was).

American Renaissance Conference Speakers 2014

Do you see any Jews?

The head of American Renaissance, the Southern goy Jared Taylor, is famously Jew-friendly. I wonder if he will ever give up on Jews joining his anti-immigration cause and turn against the Jews? For now, he doesn’t want to fight a two-front war against immigration and against the Jews. He would prefer for Jews to rally to his side.

Now that there are more non-white babies born in the United States than white babies, there’s a new urgency to America’s white nationalist movement and they are increasingly unfriendly to the Jews. I think most of them feel that the Jews have been warned and they’ve ignored the warnings and now hell’s coming to breakfast.

All of the important white nationalists read VDARE.com so we should keep an eye on that website to see how the movement is leaning vis-a-vis the Jews.

I fear that one day the goyim are going to snap and it’s not going to be pretty.

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