Big hips on a woman frighten me

* Sometimes I’ll be all entranced by a woman’s face and personality and then my eyes drift down and I get scared by the width. I’ve met women in bad light, been intrigued by her pretty face and nice manner, invited her out, picked her up the next day in clear light, and oy vey, she’s enormous and I can’t fit the seatbelt around her and I can’t wait to get away.

One of my bottom lines for emotional sobriety is to not get with any woman I’d be ashamed to be seen with in public. A few years ago, I used to get with all sorts of sloppy chicks, and I lost respect in the eyes of my friends. I’d wake up the next morning and go, “Ewww! What did I do? Ohmigod, I am so ashamed. I hate myself. How do I get out of this as quickly as possible?”

* Ethnics put far more pressure on their kids than do WASPs (to come home for Christmas, Thanksgiving, education, marriage and life choices, etc). What do you want your adult children to feel like they owe you the parent? Ethnics pile on far more guilt and pressure than do WASPs. (Dennis Prager)

* I couldn’t see marrying most of my girlfriends because I thought I could do better (it’s discouraging 20-30 years on that I haven’t), and the ones I would’ve married, they thought they could do better, and now none of us have married.

* A friend asked me: “Out of curiosity. If I were an illegal immigrant, would you turn me into immigration?” No, I have never turned in anyone for being illegal and could only imagine doing so if I thought they posed a substantial danger.

* Everything this Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said was authentic to the Judaic and Christian views of homosexuality. It essentially came word for word out of the Bible. I guess Jews and Christians in the public eye have a choice — they can be authentic to their religion or they can soft peddle and hide their views to get along and have a nice career and comfy life. This guy is being punished for simply repeating the Bible.

Marcus called Dennis Prager’s show Dec. 16, 2013 with the traditional Jewish/Christian perspective: “By just saying this is a war fighting the redefinition of marriage, you’re losing the battle for marriage because really what you should be talking about is the real truth of the matter — that it is an immoral, depraved and physically and mentally unhealthy relationship, especially between two men.”
Dennis: “I think language like that only alienates all the people we need to win over and it is unfair to people who have it. I have sympathy and tolerance of the homosexual individual but I am opposed to same-sex marriage, but to call what they all do ‘depraved’. I understand the Bible calls the male homosexual act an ‘abomination.’ I am a believer in the Bible. I juggle that but I don’t think it is language we need to use. I don’t know what it gains.”

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