What Causes Homosexuality?

Therapist Mark E. Smith: “Every homosexual man I’ve known was abandoned by his father. You will not meet a homosexual man who was emotionally close with his father growing up. Every one I’ve known was enmeshed with a woman, be it grandma or mom or a whole house full of women, but they overly connect with them, and then during adolescence, because of these wounds and everyone is twisted up in everyone’s sexuality, the root cause is their childhood emotional wounds, and the little boys hunger for male love and they over-identify with the feminine. They did not choose to be gay but it is all because momma devoted too much to be super-mom.”

“A third dysfunction is having too large of a family… Two people can’t raise eleven people. That’s insane. It’s worse than alcoholism because the older ones don’t get a childhood, they have to raise the younger ones and the middle ones get lost, and then by the time the younger ones come along, the parents are exhausted. Nobody gets what they need. If I hear of a family with more than five kids, I know they’re insane. I know it is family full of broken empty people. It is wickedly dysfunctional.”

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