Marc Gafni – Source of Love

He sent out this mass email that concluded:

I just got off the phone with my son Yair who was standing at bus stop in Be’er Sheva and he said to me what my son Eytan said to me only two weeks before.

"Abba, this is enough. We need our Abba back. This must end already. We really need you at this time in our lives"

I promised them to do whatever I could to end this chapter. learn its lessons, and move to a more constructive and evolved chapter in our lives.

There is so much that needs to be done. So much hurt and pain and suffering in the world. We are Gods verbs. We are God’s language. We must live as love. We must be love. We must act to realize love and open hearted discipline and compassion in our world.

The future of the World and according to the teachings of the kabbalists, the future of God, depends in no small part, on you and me.

I pray that in my day to day life, in my sharing, in my writing, my action and my being, I will be aligned to the will of God and serve as a source of love and compassion to all those whom I encounter. And if I die sooner then I would like to, I want to leave in the world only my love.

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