Should you wait until your second date to talk about your 12-step program or just get it out right away?

David: Personally I read out to them my step 4 and step 8. If they still want to be with me after that then they are mine forever.

Rabbi Hershel Rabbs Remer I’m curious how any woman could go out with you for even 1 date and not already know that you’re in 12 steps, as you broadcast about your addictions every day on your blog, youtube, and facebook. She would need to have no Internet access to not know, or she didn’t do her due diligence.

Mark: You need a timeline for all these things. 12 steps- date 3, porn-date 4, chronic fatigue- date 5, etc. Or just wear a sandwich board with your whole life story for the first date (or just assume she actually looked you up on the internet and knows all of these things and has seen you and Rabbs)

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