Can I Give An Inspiring Speech?

I feel relatively comfortable giving the 12-step share. You confess your shortcomings and your struggles and you say what has helped you.

In Orthodox Judaism, a lot of people know that I converted and they want to know why. More importantly, they want strengthening. They want inspiration. But given my lurid life, I don’t feel like I can advocate anything without bringing disrepute. I’m not comfortable stating opinions and advocating anything. I feel more comfortable sharing my own experience. Your mileage may vary.

I better keep my day job. It may be a while before I can lead people over hot coals.

A friend emails: “I read both posts and commend you on your talks. You seem to have reached a point where you are willing to be entirely honest. This is truly wonderful and freeing. Perhaps now you will reach the audience that you have always wanted to.”

The 12-step program has helped.

“Its pretty funny how this stuff works. I have a number of friends who are deeply involved in twelve step programs. On the one hand they seem to have simply changed their addictions, from the alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex to the twelve step program. On the other hand, the coming to grips and taking responsibility for their acts has really ennobled their lives, humbled them, and by forcing them to come to grips with their own limitations, enabled them to be more understanding and compassionate (and honest) with others.”

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