Marty Beckerman On Sarah Palin

Martin emails:

As an Alaskan born and raised, it’s surreal… Anchorage residents tend to mock Wasilla as The Jerry Springer Show come to life, and now its mayor could realistically become the leader of the free world. Everyone is shocked. She’s a very popular governor, mostly because she allocated a ton of oil money for the people, but nobody I’ve talked to back home believes she’s qualified for the White House. She is very charming, quintessetially Alaskan and totally MILF(GILF?)tastic, but she has some radical views and no foreign policy experience whatsoever, even compared to Obama, which is saying something.

McCain is obviously hoping that Hillary’s diehards will vote for any creature with a vagina at this point, and the Religious Right will support any candidate who "shares our values," regardless of actual qualifications, which is exactly the kind of thinking that has plagued the White House for the last eight years. Ultimately she obliterates McCain’s "experience vs. inexperience" narrative, but a lot of people are going to fall in love with her anyway, and she’s going to stoke this bizarre city mouse vs. country mouse animosity. (Or should I say "city moose vs. country moose"?) Will it work or backfire? I have no idea — and neither does anyone else — but it’s fascinating to behold.

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