Luke Ford: Meek and Mild

From my live cam chat:

YonahShimmel:  You know, you could move to LA and be Luke’s Girl Friday
YonahShimmel:  Handle his correspondence, answer the phone, tidy up after him and so forth
Emma:  Miracles can happen
YonahShimmel:  So he hopes
YonahShimmel:  So too do most Republicans these days
YonahShimmel:  I heart Sarah Palin.  But I would be a lot happier if McCain had selected someone like Rudy Giuliani or Tom Ridge to be his running mate
YonahShimmel:  Rudy would have devoured the press
YonahShimmel:  Had he been chosen he would, at this very minute, but chewing off Barak Obama’s most private parts
YonahShimmel:  There needs to be a lot more women here who think like you do
YonahShimmel:  Where I live, there are few like you
Emma:  Pity
YonahShimmel:  Indeed
YonahShimmel:  So if you have a sister, tell her to move here with all of her similar friends
YonahShimmel:  Alas, not many Irish come here anymore
YonahShimmel:  You guys are too rich
Emma:  Why do you think that is?
YonahShimmel:  $$$$ no need to
Emma:  Rich
YonahShimmel:  Your economy is doing very well, so why give up Ireland to move to the States?
YonahShimmel:  Look at that mess
Emma:  Technically I am in Britain
YonahShimmel:  Where?
YonahShimmel:  N Ireland?
Emma:  It’s Economy is very poor.
Emma:  Yes
YonahShimmel:  Why did your family move there?
YonahShimmel:  Ireland is doing great, but not so NIreland
Emma:  My parents fancied the change I suppose.
YonahShimmel:  How long have you been there?
YonahShimmel:  What does your dad do there?
Emma:  Since I was 10
Emma:  My Dad is not fit for work anymore.
Emma:  He worked all his life
YonahShimmel:  What did he do?
Emma:  He worked for the Department Of Environment
YonahShimmel:  Luke, this should be a warning to you.  At your age, you need to think about things like pensions and medical benefits
Emma:  lol
YonahShimmel:  The easy money of blogging won’t last forever
YonahShimmel:  That’s not a lol Emma, but serious stuff
Emma:  He is only 42
Emma:  A few years left I think.
YonahShimmel:  You plan for when you are 52 when you are 42, not when you are 50
YonahShimmel:  These are supposed to be his peak earning years
Emma:  Live in the here and now. Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow shall worry about itself
YonahShimmel:  Simply not true, especially in America.
YonahShimmel:  It sucks to be poor here, more so than in Europe
Emma:  It’s true if you have the right mind – set.
YonahShimmel:  Trust me, he does not have that mind set
Emma:  Mostly dogs.
YonahShimmel:  And even then only when they have someone taking care of them, feeding them, sheltering them etc
YonahShimmel:  Luke is more like a hobo
Emma:  Wild dogs can cope very well actually.
YonahShimmel:  Not so men
Emma:  Luke is wild.
YonahShimmel:  Nope
YonahShimmel:  Quite tame
YonahShimmel:  Obeys his rabbis and fears them more than you know
Emma:  Underneath he is wild.
YonahShimmel:  Meek and mild
YonahShimmel:  Fearful of his rabbis
Emma:  Luke warm..
YonahShimmel:  He even gave up a career – the only one he ever had that got him a measure of fame and respect – because these rabbis ordered him to
Emma:  I’m glad he did.
Emma:  He chose right.
YonahShimmel:  I don’t know about that.
Emma:  Respect for all the wrong reasons.
YonahShimmel:  Trying to make a living by spamming your own web site seems pretty sad
YonahShimmel:  He should get a job with the postal service
YonahShimmel:  Good benefits, paid vacation time, a pension
Emma:  Actually I hear the money is pretty good.
YonahShimmel:  Yes.  Lots better than anything he currently does

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