Sarah Palin

Joe emails:

Rush got it right. Sarah Palin = Guns, babies, Jesus.

To win, the dems have to win big among women, real big, like something over 5 points. With Palin on the ticket and making a good impression, it may not happen – this is bloodsport for the media – this is not politics.

Obama’s problem is that he does not connect with white women – Clinton did because of his smooth looks – but the way obama looks, you think he belongs in the kalahari, that is unless you are a white woman who reads Susan Sontag. Woman in rural pennsylvania get turned off by him.

Palin may help big in reducing the gender gap to the 3-4 points that the republicans can surmount. Now it is just getting white men who like porn, dislike arabs, and don’t think too much to turn out for the proven hero, not the politically and racially engineered zero.

As for the base of the GOP, McCain has pulled off a masterstroke. As some in the base have put it, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud to be a Republican.

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