What’s The Ideal Social Status And How Would I Know If I Had It?

I talk a lot about “social status” and people ask me what I mean.

Social status is your place in the pecking order. When you walk into a room, do people seek you out or do they avoid you? Do you get more friend requests on Facebook and in real life than you make? Do people want to be in your life?

In his book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists, author Neil Strauss says that if you can offer a woman a great lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about any pick-up techniques. Women will flock to you.

If you have social status, not only women will flock to you, but men as well. People in general will want to be close to you. You’ll be like Dennis Prager and exert a powerful force field. Everybody exerts a force field but powerful people exert a powerful field and weak people exert a weak field.

I’ve had status enough times in my life to know that I really like it. I like walking into a room and feeling it affected by my presence. I like it when people gather around to hear what I have to say. I like it when I get lots of Shabbos invites. I like it when women ask me out. I like it when I have multiple job offers.

Status is a rush. A drug. When you have it, you expand. You take up your full space in the world. You grow tall and confident and move with ease. You’re filled with energy.

By contrast, social isolation is another word for death. When people shun you, you get broken down. You wither. You collapse. You tighten and shorten and shrink. You become afraid to approach people.

When you have status, you tend to trust your instincts because they’re obviously working for you. When you’re shunned, you distrust your instincts because they’re gotten you into a bad place.

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