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Obama and the Jews

Joe writes: The jewish vote is statistically meaningless. But it has all the political meaning in the world as it is indicative of how an informed high propensity voter might vote. The jewish vote should therefore be read as the … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager: ‘Women Have A More Selfish Way Of Voting’

Politico reports: Some of the most dramatic recent polls suggesting that a Republican “wave” will overtake Democratic majorities this year share a single ingredient: testosterone. The gender gap that in 2008 resulted in 6 percent more men than women supporting … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin

Joe emails: Rush got it right. Sarah Palin = Guns, babies, Jesus. To win, the dems have to win big among women, real big, like something over 5 points. With Palin on the ticket and making a good impression, it … Continue reading

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