WND: Black Mobs Beating Jews In New York

Chaim Amalek says: “Stupid Mick. More proof that the goyim are nothing without one of us to lead them. Look at where Christianity would be today but for the leadership provided by Jews. Ditto feminism, Marxism, Freudianism, and the Democratic Party. Thus declares AMALEK.”

Chaim Amalek posts: Once again, elements of the marginal media (my kind of folk) are suggesting that I am Luke Ford.

I will make it very simple for them. Luke Ford has had a journalist’s level of social intercourse with porn starlets and wishes he hadn’t, whereas Chaim Amalek has not but wishes he had. Luke Ford has a Rebbe, Dennis Praeger, whereas I had never even heard of this guy before Luke began writing about him. Luke Ford is master of all in his element, beginning with his neck and posture. And he knows such elite figures as that really tall and pretty academic woman who became a Jew. I, on the other hand, am a 350 pound man living out his golden years in a tiny rent controlled apartment on the Upper West Side, and the most elite group I know are those people who read the New York Post. (However, on occasion I do share an early bird special with my friend Elizabeth Irwin.) Luke Ford is a covert acolyte of Ayn Rand. Chaim Amalek is a progressive Jew who marched in Selma. So to the extent that I can make any of this clear no doubt I have.

Talk show host Colin Flaherty writes for WND:

If Chaim Amalek had his way, no one would know that mobs of black people are attacking and beating and robbing Jews in the New York area.

Or that they shout anti-Semitic epithets.

Or that they target Jews because “they don’t fight back.”

“Such information can only serve to heighten racial tensions between these two groups,” said Amalek, an alias for New York video blogger Luke Ford. “Let us all look beyond the issue of race (in any event a mere social construct) and instead celebrate our diversity.”

In this case, the New York Post saw a pattern that most other media outlets never see. To some, it was jarring.

“Anti-Jewish crime wave,” read the June headline about a series of recent anti-Semitic attacks. “In the most disturbing incident, a mob of six black teenagers shouting, ‘Dirty Jew!’ and ‘Dirty kike!’ repeatedly bashed Marc Heinberg, 61, as he walked home from temple in Sheepshead Bay (in June.)”

This is one of several black mob attacks on – and robberies of – Jewish people in Brooklyn over the last two years, leaving broken bones and life-threatening injuries in their wake.

The assaults are part of a larger pattern in the New York area and around the country: Black mobs assaulting, robbing, destroying property and creating mayhem – hundreds of times in more than 60 cities.

Orthodox Jews may bear a disproportionate amount of the violence in New York. But the lawlessness that black mobs inflict throughout the area is not limited to Jews. Much of it is on YouTube.

Dorothy emails me:

I found your website after doing an internet search for your name based on your comment on the New York Post article which was just picked up by World Net Daily yesterday. By the way, I’m also Jewish. You should check out

I disagree with your comment based on research I’ve done on the New Age movement over the last 30 years. New Age is a resurgence of Nazism. The New Age movement is very antisemitic. Yes there is a culture of violence in a subculture of the black community, but here we have a deliberate attacks on Jews, by name. There is no other community being attacked by description. If you do some research you’ll find the Afrocentric movement, which was an offshoot
of the New Age movement, was and probably still is very antisemitic. The material I gathered several years ago in my trips to Afrocentric bookstores in the Chicago area over a period time, plus trips to a Chicago college are about a foot thick. In Chicago we also have the very antisemitic Farrakhan. I worked as a clerical in a Jewish organization, JFCS for 8-1/2 years. There were only two clericals, an office manager and myself in a center room. The office manager for a long was a Farrakhan follower. She would suck up to the Jewish
social workers and talk behind their backs to family and friends on the phone after they left, making terrible remarks about Jews. The feelings against Jews have been fanned and flamed and go beyond what one can see on the surface.

Jews seem to feel the need to cover their ears when someone is trying to tell them things they don’t want to hear rather than confronting topics with contrary information. The pedophilia cases are only one example of that. Please don’t stay with those that act that way.

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