High Anxiety

I got up at 6:30 this morning, took a shower, cooked some oatmeal and turned on my computer.

As I was reading the New York Times, my monitor shut off with the message, “Monitor is going to sleep!”

Nooooo! I had this problem a month ago. My screen would go crazy and then the monitor would shut off.

I have a Windows XP HP workstation xw4400. About six months, I got an HP S2331 23″ LCD monitor.

In early December, I used a system restore to go back about two weeks and then everything was fine for a month.

When today’s problem occurred, I went off to shul. I studied a page of Talmud with the rabbi. I said my prayers. And then I rushed home to wrestle with my computer.

Using my Blackberry, I Googled the problem. I did a system restore to ten days previous. I booted up in safe mode and changed the display settings. And for the past hour everything has been fine.

I hope all will be well for at least the rest of the day so I can watch the crucial Dallas-New York football game tonight to determine who wins the NFC East and goes to the playoffs.

My anxiety is slowly subsiding. I had these visions that my computer was done and I’d need to buy a need one. Or maybe it was not done, but it would need repair and I wouldn’t have access to it for a day or two and then they wouldn’t be able to fix the problem. So, yes, I was catastrophizing.

My left shoulder is tight. I was walking an old man the other day and he was holding my arm for support.

I feel better now that I’ve shared my anxiety.

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