Run Your Fingers Through Her Hair To Get Bang For Your Buck

I’m listening to Alison Armstrong on the Dennis Prager show.

Dennis: “You have to be politically incorrect or you can not tell the truth.”

Alison, talking about women: “We [sometimes] avoid communicating with you [men], connecting with you.”

“You [men] are so literal. We can’t understand you. We wonder what you mean. We can’t imagine you mean what you just said.”

Dennis: “We assume you mean what you just said. It might’ve just been for effect.”

Alison: “We rarely mean the words that we say. It’s all connotation. It’s all context.”

“If a man says, he’s busy, that means he’s busy. That’s all.”

“If a woman says she’s busy, it all depends on how she says it.”

“A man feels compelled to make [his] woman happy.”

Dennis: “If you’re happy, we’re happy.”

Alison: “If you’re happy, you’re free. Your job’s done. You’re good enough. Some women are unhappy on purpose because they never want to release you. That’s why some women don’t want to get to the point because once you get to the point, you’re [the man] done. You got what you needed.”

“Many women have grown up with sisters or mothers or friends who attacked them when they were happy.”

“When a man is happy, you physically puff up. You’re empowered. And your testosterone spikes. And women can smell that. And a woman is most likely to emasculate a man when he’s happy. We’re afraid of testosterone spikes.”

Alison says to a male caller: “Running your fingers through her hair, oh my gosh, you want bang for your buck, guys, in my family we call this getting the monsters out. You can destress and make happy and bliss out and turn on a woman so quickly just by running your fingers through her hair.”

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