Alexander Technique For Men

I think there are two female Alexander Technique teachers for every male teacher and the organized Alexander world (AMSAT, ATI) is disproportionately female led.

I find myself often teaching differently to men than to women. With my more sensitive students, my primary goal is to make them feel safe with the work. With my more adventurous students, I make the work a challenge.

It seems to me that men are generally more accepting of competition and of failure. They don’t mind crashing and burning as long as they learn something. On the other hand, I find that women more quickly and intuitively get Alexander work.

I suspect that most of the people who take Alexander lessons are women. I find that men are less likely to seek help when they suffer. Men are more stolid, less open with their emotions, and less likely to complain. Of course there are many individual exceptions to my stereotypes.

Alexander teacher Nick Mellor responds to my inquiries.

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