Trial Attorneys – Do You Care About How You Come Across?

I notice that people in high-stress positions like trial attorney tend to carry around a lot of unnecessary tension and this warps the way they come across.

The most common tension pattern I see is the head thrust forward and angled back, tightening and compressing the neck and deforming the torso. The shoulders are typically held high. The person is stuck in a version of fight-or-flight but it’s not serving them.

If you’re not poised, if your head is not balanced on top of a lengthened spine, you’re going relate to yourself in a contorted way and you’re going to make other people uncomfortable. By contrast, if you move with ease and grace, you’ll think more clearly and you’ll allow people around you to relax.

Those who are deformed in the use of their bodies tend to relate to themselves and to others in a deformed way while those who are poised tend to be poised in their own thinking and feeling and in the way they talk to others.

I’m offering a free five-minute consultation to all trial attorneys in Los Angeles who are interested in learning more about how they come across.

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Chaim Amalek emails: Outstanding idea. So we have a growing list of occupations that could benefit from AT:
1. actors
2. prostitutes
3. trial lawyers
4. people who need to appear in court as witnesses in high stakes civil cases
5. politicians and those who want to be
6. rising corporate types who need to make a good first impression
7. rich dudes who come across as shlubs because they hunch their shoulders and do whatever else it is that AT corrects, Tell them that’s why they cannot get hot girls.
Any got any additions to this list?

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