My Sleeping Problems Solved!

Like my dad, I’ve had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep most of my adult life.

The best solution was to physically exhaust myself with exercise during the day.

Since I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in February 1988, I’ve not been able to exercise to exhaustion consistently without getting sick.

So instead I’ve tossed and turned on my bed and cursed my fate.

In February, I got a CPAP machine which has helped with the quality of my sleep, but not the length of it. So now if I get four hours of sleep in a night, I get the benefits. Without the CPAP, I’d wake up with a headache from the lack of oxygen.

Thursday I felt particularly frustrated by another bad night of sleep. It’s hard for me to get to sleep (even taking up to 10m of melatonin) and hard to stay asleep until about 3 a.m. when I normally sleep solidly until about 7 a.m.

The main obstacle to my sleep is my racing mind. I keep thinking. Can’t turn off.

So Thursday afternoon, I went to Dragon Herbs on Robertson Blvd and explained my problem to the trained herbologist Susan. She sold me some Bupleurum & Dragon Bone and recommended I take eight before bed (and two capsules three times a day).

As a result, I’ve had a good night’s sleep the last two nights.

I love Dragon Herbs! It’s my new favorite store.

I should’ve known that the solution to my problems — along with the EU’s — lay with the Chinese!

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