I Have A Nightmare That I’ve Become A Pack Rat

I’m not falling asleep until around 5 am these days. Then I have these vivid nightmares around 7 am.

Today I dream that I’ve invited Rob Spallone over.

He drops by and then goes to see a friend in the same apartment complex.

I ask him to take my video camera with him so I can accumulate content. This guy’s always amusing. For a decade, I just turned on my tape recorder when I was around him and then went home and wrote him up.

I wonder how I’m going to justify to my rabbi publishing Rob’s profane-laden outbursts.

Rob and his friend are going out.

I tell them to wait up.

I’ve accummulated too much stuff and I try to schlep it along.

I dump it into the back of Rob’s friend’s pickup.

I go back to my place to gather more stuff.

I carry it over to the pickup but find they’ve dumped all my stuff out and left already.

I try to clean everything up but this causes me to miss my final college exams and I flunk all of my classes.

I realize I should just go to my doctor and get him to write a note about my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so that I can just drop my classes instead of failing them, but I’m too tired and overwhelmed to do the smart thing.

Many years go by. I want to go back to college but I’m haunted by these string of failures.

Nightmares about rabbis and nightmares about failing my exams are common themes in my nightlife.

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