Was Jesus The Savior?

On his radio show Sep. 23, 2011, Dennis Prager was asked if he had ever considered converting to Christianity. He replied: “From when I was in my early twenties and really began thinking about these issues, I did flirt with becoming irreligious but my alternative was never to go to another religion but hedonism. For me it was either Judaism or hedonism. Judaism won… I do believe that many Christians have as divine role as I do. I don’t believe that only Judaism is God’s will.”

Caller: “I was hoping to hear something more about Jesus Christ. Obviously you don’t believe he is the Savior.”

Dennis: “There is no savior in Judaism. It’s a Christian concept. You have to talk to me in the concepts I recognize. You save yourself in Judaism. That’s the reason nobody has to become a Jew. You earn your way in Judaism.”

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