Leftists Sympathize With London Rioters, Rightists Condemn Rioters

So we had shocking riots in London last month with a vast amount of nihilistic violence, looting and destruction.

On the left, comes sympathy for the rioters, most notably by the deputy prime minister of Britain, Nick Clegg:

Clegg said the riots had convinced him Britain must work more to help poor youngsters succeed in education.
“Too many of these young people had simply fallen through the cracks. Not just this summer but many summers ago when they lost touch with their own future,” Clegg told the conference in the central English city of Birmingham.
“So often the people who have gone off the rails are the ones who were struggling years earlier,” he said.
Clegg announced that Britain will spend $78 million to fund two-week summer schools to help struggling children improve their English and math as they move from junior schools to high schools at the age of 11.
“We know this is a time when too many children lose their way,” Clegg said. “This is (an) … investment to keep them all on the right path.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/09/21/uk-government-official-vows-help-for-youth-after-riots/#ixzz1Yo7ZkR2n

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